Album Review: O, Devotion, Liz Green, 2011


Liz Green has a voice that you must hear to believe. The marvel of her voice is not in its power or her ability to hold a note. Rather, there is something antiquarian about it. It’s as if she swallowed a vintage phonograph. When she sings, a dusty and muffled voice emanates, as if from the tin horn of her internal gramaphone.

The result is absolutely mesmerizing. Listen to “Midnight Blues” and I’d wager you will want a second, third, and fourth listen, just to savour it. “French Singer,” seemingly accompanied by an ill-tuned player-piano, evokes a western saloon. And it is sublime.

As I write this, her sole full length album, “O, Devotion” is pending release in North America on Feb 7, 2012. However, it is already available in the UK and you can stream various songs on YouTube. A nice version of “Midnight Blues” can be found here:

If you find your musical centre of gravity in more conventional genres like R&B, Pop, or Rock, a dose of down-home blues/folk is a refreshing change. Ms. Green delivers on that account, pulling her wagon ’round and serenading you from a long-ago era.