Album Review: All For You, Diana Krall, 1996

It didn’t take long for recording studio executives to play up Diana Krall’s looks and cool-factor to turn her into a jazz “product” they could sell. In her many incarnations, Krall has run the gamut of the latest trends in contemporary jazz, the most conspicuous of which has been the love affair with Brazilian sounds.

All for You is different. It is a sincere homage to the music of Nat King Cole and the excitement a piano, guitar, and bass can deliver in the right hands. The musicianship on this album is as remarkable as the fine collection of songs. Seeing her on tour for this album many years ago, what struck me most was her mastery of the piano. Her style is reminiscent of the older masters, probably due in part to her mentor Ray Brown’s influence. Seeing her live proves she’s not just a pretty face pushed into the jazz genre because there was room. She’s the real thing, when they let her be.